Are you a fan of the staycation? You know, lounging around in your underwear somewhere that isn't your living room? Yeah, me too. Well, Adventure Suites in New Hampshire is the best of both vacationing worlds. The amazingly cheesy themed hotel gives guests the option to hang out in one of their 17 seriously weird suits that are worth the trip alone.

Back in the day, Adventure Suites was once the Cross Country Motel, a boring old run-of-the-mill motel strip along the highway. It wasn't until 1998 when Kathy Brassill bought the property, that construction began to turn it from regular old hotel into kitschy motel heaven.

Have you always dreamt about spending the weekend in a cave? If you answered "yes", that's really weird, but it's also okay because they have one of those! The primitive paradise comes with bats, panthers, tigers, and antique artifacts. There's also a hot tub grotto, a waterfall shower, a sleeping cavern, and a tunnel.

If you and your friends are looking to get weird on the dance floor all weekend long, there's always "The Club" suite. A 10 person, 800-foot, two-story room, that comes equipped with a 10 foot-tall lighting system, stereo, and even an LED 6 x 6 foot wide dance floor. Here's where the weird comes in… There's also a dance cage, hemp wall, and dance pole, where you can twerk the night away. What awesome creepy dance party would be complete without a five-person LED lit hot tub, a bar, and a black light graffiti mural. Yikes.

Or if you're looking to get freaky Game of Thrones style, there's always the "Dragon's Lair" suite. Sleep on a floating, round bed bolted to the ceiling like a giant birds nest. The room comes with a two person jacuzzi, stone waterfall shower, and more dragon statues than should ever be allowed in one place.

I won't lie, Adventure Suites is going to cost you more than the Motel 8, but then again you're paying extra for all the weirdness. And there's plenty of that. If you plan on booking "The Club" suite for the evening, you're going to be looking at 700 bucks a night. If that's way too rich for your blood, there's always the more modest rooms that start at $119 for a weekday.

Most importantly if you're not interested in getting a little bit goofy this probably isn't the place for you. Yes, it's true, the hotel is pretty campy, but that's the point, and that's what makes it a fun place to spend the night. No matter what your "thing" is, Adventure Suites will have a room to set your in inner your staycationer free.