Batman Worthy Caving: Howe Caverns

By: Lindsey Hogan Underground caverns, spelunking, boat tours…Howe Cavernsare definitely Batman-worthy! Don’t...

By: Lindsey Hogan



howe caves

Underground caverns, spelunking, boat tours…Howe Caverns are definitely Batman-worthy! Don’t worry, though, there’s really no training necessary (but you can still wear your bat-suit if you like). These underground caverns make up the largest show cave in the Northeast. They dive down 156 feet under New York’s urban exterior, which makes it a bit chilly, but nothing a cozy sweatshirt can’t fix- unless you decide to take on the adventure tour, in which case you’re equipped with a caving worthy suit to take on the cold and muddy journey you’re about to take on. The adventure tour is meant to simulate natural cave exploration so come prepared to get dirty!

Howe Caverns

If the adventure tour seems a little too advanced, there’s also the option of the flashlight tour (5 yrs and older) or the lantern tour (12 yrs and older). Both of which give you an amazing tour of the several-million-year-old carved out caverns and ends with a boat ride. Yes…a boat ride! It’s hard to believe, but the Lake of Venus resides within Howe Cavern and is big enough for several boats! And very seriously- it looks exactly like the boat scene in Willy Wonka. If you’ve ever had the urge to boat through a tunnel and sing “There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going…” don’t hold back! I bet the acoustics down there are pretty great!

Howe Cavern

Not convinced humans are meant to go that far below the earth’s surface? Fear not! Howe Caverns also has above ground fun…literally above the ground! They have a 4 tower zip line, a rock climbing wall and a ropes course right above the caverns! Be it one extreme or the other, you’re guaranteed to have a blast! And if you get the courage to go under and love it as much as we do, you can profess your love at their below ground wedding venue- complete with a glowing calcite heart on the alter!


Lindsey went caving once when she was little and cried her eyes out…she thinks it’s time for round two! Find her on Pinterest!



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