New Year, New Travels: Travel Bucket List

It’s a New Year, which definitely means new travels. Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions should definitely...

It’s a New Year, which definitely means new travels. Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions should definitely include a Travel Bucket List. From trying something new, or going back to a place you’ve been to in order to get a different perspective on it, a Travel Bucket List is the best way to prepare. I could go on for days on the things I want to do, but instead of boring you with my endless thoughts here are a few things on my Travel Bucket List that just might make its way into your Travel Bucket List.

1. Couch Surfing: Traveling gets expensive, and when you’re doing it on a budget it’s not always practical to get a fancy hotel room. Luckily, with website like you can stay in a home, or apartment, for free. The website allows travelers to create a profile and meet people in places they’ll be traveling to, in order to find someone to host you during a stay. Don’t be completely creeped out by the idea of a stranger sleeping on your couch, everyone on the website comes with references from past stays so you can decide if you want them in your home. The best way to truly learn about a place is to get to know the locals, and what better way then stay with a local (for free!)

2. Visit the National Parks. I’ve been to quite a few National Parks, but the U.S. has over 58 National Parks, so there’s still so much more to see! 27 of our states have National Parks, which can definitely be done. One of the parks on my list are the Badlands in South Dakota. What gets me going about this place is that it was thought to be under water at some time, as many fossilized bones of turtles and seashells have been found in the area.

3. Travel alone. I’ve never really traveled alone somewhere, or eaten at a restaurant alone. Sure, it’s always better to travel with someone for safety and entertainment, but traveling can be like an Odyssey. Sometimes you need to take the journey alone. When traveling alone you might be more apt to meet new people, which is again, one of the best ways to explore.

4. Travel All 50 States. My friend recently came back from Amsterdam, and she met so many people from all over. Its great that so many countries are easily accessible across the pond, and that you can truly explore so many different places. So, why not get to know every part of America? There’s so much to do here, and I wish that I could travel to every state.

5. Real Camping. Ok, so I’ve “camped”, but I’d like to really camp. No air mattress, away from civilization, and cooking over an open fire. I mean 2012 is coming up, and I’d like to test my survival skills. There are so many campgrounds around the US that it’s ridiculous that I’ve never been. It’s a great way to stay cheaply on the road, and to really experience the land. Whether you’re traveling through states and need a cheap place to stay, or want to stay where you hike, camping is a great option!



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