Bizarre is in the Eye of the Beholder at These Beauty Pageants

If you’re looking to find a way to channel your inner Honey Boo Boo but hate the Miss America competition, try out one of these odd beauty...

If you’re looking to find a way to channel your inner Honey Boo Boo but hate the Miss America competition, try out one of these odd beauty pageants. You won’t have to worry about Donald Trump’s hairpiece or metric tons of glitter here- these five contests celebrate the atypical and outrageous.


Miss Klingon Empire -   For those willing to make the Trek to Atlanta, the Miss Klingon Empire Pageant invites women to go where no man has gone before- into a beauty competition to see who can be the Klingon-iest. Ladies will be relieved to know that outer beauty is not the only element of the contest that matters, but the judges also take into account the talents and personality of the contestants. Beam- err, sign us up for this one.

Armpit Queen –   In an article about the town in 2001, a Washington Post writer referred to Battle Mountain, Nevada as “the armpit of of the state”. Instead of raising a big stink over it, the town residents decided the best thing they could possibly do for their city was kicking off a beauty pageant. Years later, they’ve gained the sponsorship of Dove, which provides the prizes for the content- a large supply of deodorant.


World Beard Championships –   Here’s something for the men: do you tire of being dismissed for your flowing beard locks- you who have toiled to avoid the razor at all costs- only to be derided  as a bum, vagrant, or viking? The National World Beard Championships have heard of your troubles, and have created a competition that celebrates facial har. It involves categories like best beard- natural or styled, best ‘stache, and more. So start not-shaving now- the competition’s pretty tough.

Miss Outdoors –   Can you skin a muskrat? Know how to saw a log? Shuck an oyster? If so, chances are you might be an successful contestant for Maryland’s pageant for the Annie Oakleys of the world. If pure bragging rights weren’t enough to make you sign up, maybe the $1500 scholarship award will make you think differently. Who knows, maybe the media attention might get you onto a show like Duck Dynasty.


Miss Drumsticks- We’re going to guess that Yellville, Arkansas must not have much going on in terms of entertainment, which can only explain how this bizarre beauty contest came to be. Women in swimsuits strut their stuff while holding giant cut-outs of turkeys that obscure everything but their legs, which is the sole criteria for this pageant. We can only guess that the prize for being crowned Miss Drumsticks involves a trophy made of meat or something.


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Christopher Maier is from Cincinnati, OH, and is slightly bitter to learn that he can’t enter the Drumsticks legs competition.

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