Myrtle Beach to Offer Close Encounters of the Third Kind

While we can't yet probe the secrets hidden behind the lonely gates of Area 51,Myrtle Beach, South Carolina aims to fill that anal...

While we can't yet probe the secrets hidden behind the lonely gates of Area 51, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina aims to fill that anal probe-sized hole in our butts hearts with a very special exhibit examining the history of America's fascination with flying saucers and visitors from space.


Encounters: U.F.O. Experience touts itself as "the world's first comprehensive exhibition exploring reports of U.F.O.s, alien abductions, and encounters with extraterrestrials", and featured seven different galleries that focus on everything from ancient aliens, the military involvement in reports of unexplained flying craft, and of course, pop culture's obsession with extraterrestrials.

After a massively successful run last year, the event returns to Broadway on April 1 for a second run with hundreds of artifacts collected from UFO investigators around the world, including models that researchers say show proof of alien visitation as far back as ancient Egypt.


From the press release:

Unique and extraordinary, much of the Encounters exhibition content was gathered from the private collections of UFOlogists from around the world. There are displays of original and replica artifacts, conceptual models, and documented film clips and recordings that support claims of ancient encounters through modern day sightings. Replicas and models include the famous Easter Island statues and Egyptian Hieroglyphic tablets reporting extraterrestrial sightings. The exhibition also explores the mysteries of Area 51 and Roswell, and features authentic video and audio recordings of people reporting alien encounters.

New to the event this year are a laser tag arena, the ability to send messages to space,  and even an exhibit that lets you conduct your very own alien autopsy, complete with gooey guts. You provide your own grainy video camera and prime-time deal with the FOX network.

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