The sad tale of the abandoned Alice in Wonderland theme park

There are few childhood stories more magical and deliciously-surreal than Lewis Carroll'sAlice in Wonderland.Even the name lends itself to...

There are few childhood stories more magical and deliciously-surreal than Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Even the name lends itself to fantasy. Who wouldn't follow a white rabbit wearing a waistcoat, monocle and pocket watch down a hole? Sure, maybe not the best lesson to teach children (i.e. following strangers down dark holes), but hey, adventure is where you find it. So, when I stumbled upon these incredible photos of an abandoned Alice in Wonderland theme park, I immediately wanted to hunt it down. Alice in Wonderland was my all-time favorite story.

Turns out the abandoned theme park was an English theme park near the Yangjae stream in South Korea, in the Culture and Arts Park (문화예술공원). It's called Alice Park, and it delighted little Korean children while also teaching them English. Blogger Lynsey Eryn had the delightful opportunity to tour the park a couple years back. These are some of the crazy When she chanced upon the park, she found it "dilapidated, abandoned, overgrown, and begging for trespassers. There aren't even any signs telling people to keep out!"

I first read about it in a Seoul magazine, then I looked it up and found some helpful blogs...Expat Advisory has an article from 2005 when the park was actually in use.  And, if you're looking for a few more pictures of what the park used to like, there's a few more (and a nice map of the park) at My Korean Buddy...A few park-goers were nearby Alice Park, but they never took any notice of us except to tell us that we could get water from a certain water fountain.  So, without much decorum (and only a little anxiety from myself), we slipped inside behind the doors and broken down card soldiers to an eerie and amazing place of the absurd.

Unfortunately the park was demolished a few years back. But, here's a peek into all its abandoned absurdity:


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