Bad to the Bone: a motorcycle made completely of real bones

Bikers have always lovedtheir skulls and crossbones, but one artist really took themacabre to the next level bycreatingseveral motorcycles...

Bikers have always loved their skulls and crossbones, but one artist really took the macabre to the next level by creating ​several motorcycles made 100% of real animal bones.

It all started when the owner of legendary biker bar Froggy's Saloon in Daytona saw some artwork by Reese Moore made from animal bones. Moore bet the owner he could make a full-size motorcycle from bones for Daytona Bike Week. A week later there was a giant motorcycle of bones at Froggy's.​

Reese has kept making the creepy creations since then, and for $55,000 you can own one of his latest, "Cowasaki." Clever name, right? It's made of multiple cow skulls, a few alligator skulls, and a host of other animal bones.

Stop by Dunn's Attic in Ormond Beach to see this truly bizarre creation.

And if you're looking to snag the first bone-bike from Froggy's, bring your checkbook. It has a $100,000 price tag which we think is just another way of saying "not for sale".

Photo Credits: Motorcycle USADunn's Attic

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