Prepare to go "gaga" over the world's first restaurant for babies!

The Weeny Weaning Restaurantis the world's first sensory restaurant that's for babies, bybabies. The goal is to help mums and...

The Weeny Weaning Restaurant is the world's first sensory restaurant that's for babies, by babies. The goal is to help mums and dads encourage healthy eating habits for their little ones. Today is its grand opening! 

...[T]he Weeny Weaning Restaurant aims to help families make mealtimes fun through sensory play and expert advice. The restaurant in Clapham features a dedicated sensory area where mini diners are encouraged to play and explore before taking their seats to tuck in. 'If you can involve your little ones in the food preparation process, such as giving them veggies and fruits to play with, it will make them more engaged from the start,' explained Consultant Infant Nutritionist Claire Baseley.

Basically, babies see, touch and smell their food. This makes them feel more engaged in the entire eating process, which will hopefully lead to them developing a refined and diverse palate. There's even a "taste zone" where babies try new flavors of food. So, it's sorta like when you taste-test wedding cakes on Saturdays with your best girlfriend, who, like you, isn't getting married, probably ever, not cause you don't want to, just cause it's not your thing and you've got cats to take care of anyway, and leave me alone mom! In fact, it's just like that. 

Anyhow, back to Weeny Weaning...Your bundle of joy is seated at a high chair and chooses from a custom-designed, multi-colored, digital menu of food items.

'They are able to look at colours and shapes and engage their senses visually, which will make them more excited about new shapes, textures and foods they try,' said Claire. Depending on the number of times they tap a particular food icon over a 30-second period, the digital menu responds accordingly and the waiters bring the children their selected choice of food, which has been developed with advice from child nutritionists.

I think I speak for all babies when I say: dadadagah gahgah gruhgruhda.

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