Investigating America’s most famous ghost: The White Lady

The legend of the Union Cemetery White Lady is one of America's most famous ghost stories.

The legend of the Union Cemetery White Lady is one of America's most famous ghost stories. Witnessed by countless terrified bystanders, the tale of the White Lady has continued to capture the public's curiosity since her death sometime in the 40s.

The story begins at the Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut, a 400-year-old haunted graveyard famous for having been investigated by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. According to many who've visited, it's the most haunted cemetery in the United States, and was the subject of the book Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery.

Two separate entities are said to haunt the Union Cemetery: the infamous White Lady and Red Eyes, named for the glowing, crimson eyes that many report seeing peering out from the nearby underbrush.

Unfortunately, Red Eyes takes a back-seat to the White Lady, who has been diving out in front of moving cars on Route 59 for 70 years. She's described by those she's materialized in front of as wearing a white dress and having long black hair. Sometimes visitors spot her "floating" through the graveyard, other times sitting atop a headstone looking sullen.

There are several theories surrounding the identity of the White Lady; one version marks her a femme fatale who was murdered after killing her husband. Another tale says she was a woman who died giving birth to her child. Which of these stories is correct depends on who you ask, of course.

Many paranormal investigators (including the Warrens) have spent countless hours at the Union Cemetery waiting to make contact with the White Lady. Hours of investigation have drummed up entire folders of unexplainable images, audio recordings of a woman screaming through the cemetery, and videos of strange white mists.

The cemetery is open to the general public during the day, and though many have stayed after dark, it is considered trespassing. If you're thinking about waiting until the wee hours to investigate the White Lady, you might want to contact the cemetery to ask permission. If you do have a paranormal experience, don't forget to let us know about it!


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