'Suits' Meghan Markle Talks Traveling Like a Local, Wine and The TIG

As the ambitious Rachel Zane on "Suits," Meghan Markle strides across the screen in chic, sophisticated pieces that set fashionista hearts aflutter.

Off screen, Markle admits invitations to New York Fashion Week are still "Cinderella moments." Sharing those fairytale times in a real and accessible way was the impetus behind the actress founding The Tig, a lifestyle site that focuses on food, travel, fashion and beauty.

Markle, who started Northwestern University as an English major before switching to international relations and theater, does most of the writing herself because she wants the site to feel like a conversation, albeit one from a very cool dinner party.

Here, in a lightly edited transcript of our phone interview, Markle discusses her love for travel, what she can't leave home without and where she's off to next.

What does the name mean?
For a long time, I was just fine with red or white wine. Then, I had a sip of Tignanello wine and for the first time I got the nuance that people talk about when they talk about wine. It was my first aha moment and it became this personal nickname for aha moments, for things that people are savvy about. I get it now, it's so Tig.

You grew up traveling. How did that influence you?
I'm an only child and my parents are divorced. My mom was a travel agent so I had this luxury of being able to travel. We didn't have the means for posh experiences and she really wanted to see the world through the locals. We would go to off-the-beaten path places like Oaxaca before it was cool or Jamaica, but not to the resorts. There was a different eye openness to it that I've still try to find as an adult.

As big as the world might seem, it's really small and you need to see it. I would be totally different if I had stayed in a small town. It's amazing how much you find out about yourself, how it shifts how you see the world, yourself, your perception of beauty when you travel.

Is there a place you traveled to as a child that you'd like to return to?
I go back to Jamaica quite often. It's one of my happy places. I went hand-diving for sea urchin in the spring. I love things like that.

How often do you travel now?
As much as possible. We're really lucky because we just had a one-month hiatus [from filming "Suits"]. This was the first year we've had that much time. I packed in as much as I could. I've started working with UN Women and worked with them in New York and then DC. I took some time for myself and went to Tulum and St. Barts. I'm going to Dublin to speak to on a One Young World panel. Then I'm going to Paris for a couple of days because it's close. Whenever I have a day off I'm on a plane.

What do you always pack? What are your can't-leave-home-without items?
My passport and Global Entry Card, of course. I always have a small container of tea tree oil for mosquito bites, cuts. It's first aid in a bottle. I love Nuxe lip balm because with as much time as I spend on planes my skin gets dehydrated. I always have my camera. I always have a little notebook with me outside because I'm afraid if I lose my phone, I would lose all my notes.

Where do you want to go?
I'm starting to explore different parts of Asia. Japan is high on my list. I used to live in Buenos Aires, but I didn't get to travel much. Chile is high on my list.

The winery that makes Tignanello was so responsive and happy to hear that this sip of wine triggered so much. I'm going there in March and can't wait to see where it's made. It's a dream come true. Manifesting these things you've seen for yourself and seeing them come to fruition is so exciting. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

An American journalist based in Switzerland, Kelly regularly writes for "The New York Times," "O: The Oprah Magazine" and other publications. Follow her on Twitter.