See the weirdest vehicles in the world at the Sudha Cars Museum

With creations like the “condom bike” and a giant motorized high-heel, this man’s 200+ car collection is unlike anything else in the world.

The world is full of strange, interesting, and wacky vehicles… Some are odd ideas from major auto manufacturers, and others are homegrown expressions of creativity, and one Indian inventor, Sudhakar Yadab has taken his expression of creativity to a whole new level, creating so many insanely ridiculous cars and bikes he had to open a museum for them. Let’s take a look inside the Sudha Cars Museum & some of the 200+ cars and bikes inside…sud4

From shoes to toilets to pool tables, if you can dream it, Yadab can turn it into a concept for a car. Yadab started with everyday objects when he was only 14 years old, often skipping the movies with friends for the workshop instead. It’s clear his years of practice and hard work have paid off as you take a gander at more of these nutty creations:


Museums like the Gilmore Car MuseumThe Petersen Automotive Museum, and The Henry Ford showcase some of the most important, influential, and simply beautiful cars to ever roll off assembly lines and out of workshops, but the Sudah Cars Museum, with its wacky football-field-sized showcase of odd creations, is probably more fun… In fact, even the museum’s office is more fun than most museums:


Want to see more of the “cars” in action? Here’s several tooling around the parking lot:

Source: autoevolution

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