This beautiful and crystal clear lake has a notorious past

A gorgeous summertime destination, with a dark, dark past...

Koenigsee Lake in Bavaria (i.e. "king's lake") is situated in Berchtesgaden National Park. The lake was formed during the last ice age as a result of glacial melt. Located in Shoenau am Koenigsee, the lake borders Salzburg in Austria. Considered Germany's third deepest lake it's renowned for its clean and crystal clear waters, perfect for boating around on long summer days.


In fact, the lake is believed to be Germany's cleanest lake.


Today there's a hundred year old railroad path that hikers and joggers frequent. There's even the Königsee train station that is now a restaurant. However, this beautiful lake also comes with a dark past. 

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After the Nazis came to power they established a sub-camp of the Dachau concentration camp near the lake in 1944. Also nearby was the residence of Heinrich Himmler's mistress, Hedwig Potthast. And below is Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress, working out by the lake. A very popular Nazi retreat.

"Up the slope...was another favorite spot for Eva Braun and her friends to bathe - a series of natural water tanks formed as the fall flows over rock shelves. The remoteness of this location allowed the friends to bathe in the nude."



"The beautiful mountain lake Königssee, south of Berchtesgaden, was a favorite destination for Hitler and Eva Braun on a sunny summer day. In [the above] 1938 view, a Nazi flag can be seen in front of the famous Hotel Schiffmeister."

North America has its own glacial lakes with crystal clear waters to dip your toes in...just check out Flathead Lake, Moraine Lake and Lake Louise for something a bit more close to home. 

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