A portal to the real twilight zone is hidden in North Carolina

The Devil's Tramping Ground is a camping spot located in a forest near the Harper's Crossroads area near Bennett, North Carolina. It has...

Those on the hunt for locations where the veil between worlds has worn thin might find themselves often pointed toward places like the The Mystery Spot in Michigan or the The Mystery Spot in California. Others might be told to visit one of the country's numerous Gravity Hills. But while many of those locales might have been proven as nothing more than some clever tricks of the eye, there is one place that no one can quite figure out: The Devil's Tramping Ground.


Hidden away in a forest near Bennett, North Carolina, the Devil's Tramping Ground has been the subject of local legends whispered around the community for years. Inside of the strange, barren circle of dirt, no plant life can grow, compasses spin wildly, visitors get sick to their stomach, and strange figures can be seen in the woods. Some might say it's even a portal to another dimsension.


Some of the most popular tales tell of hunters whose dogs refuse to enter the grounds, or horseback riders who say that their steeds begin to freak out and get anxious near the circle. One story tells of a pair of animal trackers who camped in the circle, only to notice a strange man with a "melting face" appear outside. Many who have placed their belongings in the ring wake up to find that their stuff has been mysteriously transported hundreds of feet away.

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John William Harden, a journalist from North Carolina, had this to say about the Devil's Tramping Ground

Chatham natives say... that the Devil goes there to walk in circles as he thinks up new means of causing trouble for humanity. There, sometimes during the dark of night, the Majesty of the Underworld of Evil silently tramps around that bare circle-- thinking, plotting, and planning against good, and in behalf of wrong. I have heard that boy scouts spent the night there and woke up with their tents a few miles away. There were also some guys who tried to stay up the whole night there. They fell asleep, though.

What would make a place so strange? Nothing short of the devil himself. For well over 40 years, it's been said that this spot of land is cursed because it's the very place where Satan goes to do his thinking, wearing the ground thin and scaring off both plant and animal life. But surely, there must be a logical scientific explanation for the anomalies, right?

Not so much.

Over the years, hundreds of paranormal investigators attempted to disprove the theories surrounding the Devil's Tramping Ground but have failed, even prompting scientists from the US Geological Survey team to visit in an attempt to discover why plants won't grow. To this day, they can't find a good reason for the lack of vegetation.



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