Meet the bizarre all-stained-glass driverless car of the future

This may be the strangest concept car we've seen in a long, long time...

This year’s London Design Festival featured quite possibly the strangest concept car we’ve ever seen… the “Stained-glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future.” Dominic Wilcox created the car for a Dezeen and MINI Frontiers exhibition on the future of mobility, and his goal was to convey the future of driverless cars on the road may be so safe we can drive vehicles made completely of glass.

The egg-shaped car actually features a bed and, we must admit, looks pretty incredible as light shines through the painted glass… 

Wilcox sees the future moving toward cars controlled by computers to the point no accidents or collisions occur, meaning, in theory, safety would no longer need to be factored into car design.

Dezeen writes:

Opening from the front, the entire stained glass dome pivots on a hinge at the rear. Inside, there are none of the usual controls of a car – instead Wilcox imagines it would be operated remotely by a computer, in a similar fashion to Google's driverless car.

The stained-glass sleeper car is just part of his somewhat hilarious vision Wilcox has of people ordering specific types of cars like a sunbathing car and a work-out car…

We applaud Wilcox’s vision and really applaud his craftsmanship, but for now we’re happy to see stained glass on stationary buildings, not moving objects. In fact, some of the best stained glass, believe it or not, is right here in the US of A…

How about the world’s largest stained glass window? That’s right here at Resurrection Cemetery outside Chicago. (Be on the lookout for Resurrection Mary, the hitchiking ghost...)

The breathtaking world’s largest stained-glass domed ceiling is also right here in the states at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Preston Bradley Hall

Of course, we have to have the largest stained glass flag… It’s over at the University of Kansas on the south side of the The Dole Institute of Politics. (Interesting titbit: on each side of the flag are steel columns recovered from the World Trade Center.)

And last, but certainly most awesome, we have the Washington National Cathedral’s Space Window which actually has a chunk of the moon thanks to Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins.


Oh, and back to the car… One last question: What happens when it hails? Reminds us of that one time last spring when a hailstorm totally destroyed this car dealership...


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