Rapid Response: Daredevils Climb Hong Kong Skyscraper, Hijack Billboard

There's more than one way to make a movie. How about scaling to the top of a Hong Kong skyscraper to take control of a billboard, and then channel Star Trek and beam selfie videos onto the screen?

"What's Up Hong Kong?" is the YouTube video of the adventures of these daredevils into the heart of the "Pearl of the Orient" Asian city. After the first shot from the top with the birds singing, the video takes the viewer back to the beginning and into the rain-soaked streets and narrow alleyways of Hong Kong where the journey began.

The camera follows the daredevils through the bustling city with dozens of pedestrians gripping umbrellas, panning to a young soccer player, shops, subways, taxis, escalators, and even the sizzling grill of a restaurant. all while they don surgical masks to hide their faces. (See why it's common to see people wearing surgical masks in China.)

When the group enters the building, the mirrored elevators reveal four daredevils. You don't have to read Chinese to know these guys are venturing into dangerously scary places - and elevated heights.

Then the dizzying part of the adventure begins: getting to the top of the skyscraper and its huge billboard. This is also the part that makes your hands sweat as the guys stand on the edge of the building taking pictures before continuing to climb to the top of the billboard.

A Mac laptop is pulled out of a backpack, and the hacking begins. Within seconds, the daredevils' video is streaming on the billboard, revealing their escapades, asking the question, "What's Up Hong Kong?"

This isn't the first time daredevils have scaled skyscraper heights, such as the recent New York City Instagram climber, but perhaps it's the first time the city below viewed the adventure live?

Denver-based freelance writer Diana gets her elevation thrill by ziplining, not scaling skyscrapers. She blogs about her adventures at TravelingInHeels.com. Follow her on Google+ and Twitter.