Human skulls, pickled fetuses, and other dead things: a virtual tour of Chicago's weirdest shop

America is full of bizarre stores that sell a lot of strange things. The Millard Dinosaur Storesells loads of prehistoric bones, Empire...

America is full of bizarre stores that sell a lot of strange things. The Millard Dinosaur Store sells loads of prehistoric bones, Empire Mayonnaise offers nothing but the finest mayo, and Skeletons in the Closet is a gift shop dedicated exclusively to a the LA County Corononer. But while these shops might be weird, you'd have to try pretty hard to out-odd Chicago's Woolly Mammoth Antiques, Oddities & Resale.

Woolly Mammoth

Oddity shops are nothing new, but Woolly Mammoth is easily one of the country's best. Filled with vintage taxidermy, real human skulls, and the most bizarre taxidermy you've ever seen, the shop is a dream-come-true for weirdos looking for the perfect accent to their personal collections. Need a creepy old medical device? They've got that. A pig fetus in a mason jar? Sure! How about a taxidermied giraffe? Yep, they've got that too. 

Woolly Mammoth

Just in time for Halloween, American Dealers has released a minisode dedicated to Woolly Mammoth, in which owner Adam Rust gives a special tour of of the shop and some of it's weirdest offerings.

Looking for some other fun, offbeat stops in the Windy City? Be sure to check out the Occult Bookstore, the oldest of it's kind in the United States, make a stop at Shit Fountain, and grab some lunch at Kuma's Corner - a heavy-metal themed bar with the best burgers you've ever tasted.


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