Need a meal and a marriage? This Denny's restaurant holds a wedding every other week.

If your heart is rumbling as much as your stomach, this Las Vegas diner offers a Grand Slam combination - dinner and a wedding.

Las Vegas is no doubt home to some of the weirdest wedding chapels in the world, like the Elvis-themed Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, but there's a new place for nuptuals that might just take the cake. Or, more accurately, the pie. Meet the new Denny's Wedding Chapel.


Denny's on Fremont has only been up and running for two years, but since the popular diner opened its doors, its already held over 33 weddings. That's nearly two weddings a month. And for a killer price of $95 a pop, why not add wedded bliss to your food coma?


Via Vegas Chatter:

Denny's basic wedding package will feature use of their 'chapel' (the space behind the white latticework above, seen up close below; tables are removed and seating added) as well as Denny's tees for the bride and groom, time in Denny's photo booth, a Pancake Puppie wedding cake (yes, a cake made out of pancakes) and 20 percent off any other food you and your guests choose to order up.

The Denny's "Wedding Wall"

The price even includes a bottle of champagne to celebrate. So really, the only thing you don't get for your bargain-priced wedding is a minister, but for around $100 you can afford to bring your own. Once the ceremony is complete, you even get your photo on the "Wedding Wall". 


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