Screw turkey! This restaurant serves an entire alligator for Thanksgiving

If eating Turkey has gotten a bit stale this Thanksgiving, why not let Frontier Restaurant in Chicago serve you something a little...


Frontier gator

The full sized smoked gator is stuffed with a whole chicken and then roasted over apple wood for hours before it’s served with a side of mac and cheese and cornbread to your drooling table. A new holiday tradition? That’s something to be thankful for!

If Alligator isn’t really your thing, you can also choose from wild Bison, Elk, Alpaca burgers, and various exotic finger foods. Oh yeah, they also have a $7 dollar s’more pictured below… if that alone hasn’t convinced you to do something different for Thanksgiving, nothing will.


Frontiers Gator thanksgiving meal serves 12 to 15 of you and your ravenous family members, so make sure to come hungry because you’ll be leaving with full stomachs and the satisfaction of knowing you wont have to touch a dirty dish. 


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