This is where Mopars go to die…

The 700 Dodges in the world's largest Mopar graveyard will make you want to cry...

Just across the Tennessee line in rural Alabama sits quite possibly the largest collection of forsaken Dodges in the world at Stephens Performance’s Dodge junkyard. The salvage operation boasts of having over 700 Dodge cars and trucks on the lot just waiting for you to pluck off that desperately needed part. This will also break your heart… Most of the 700 cars of the Mopar graveyard are Chargers… What a shame, but hey, at least they’re giving new life to other Chargers!


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It’s not particularly clear if Stephens Performance is keen on people touring the junkyard like others we’ve featured, but they seem pretty happy-go-lucky on their Facebook page… (See our pictures from Desert Valley Auto Parts)


At least 1 person has made it in there to snap these awesome pictures:


One neighbor did mention the Stephens Performance folks are super friendly, but you should definitely stop in at the junkyard office before trying to walk around the yard, because they have a “security system” which I think is Alabama-talk for some big, scary ass dogs and a couple guys with shotguns. We did find a picture of “Daisy,” one of the security dogs, and she doesn’t look too scary…


Can’t make it to middle-of-nowhere Alabama to get that Dodge part you need? They tour the country hitting up big Mopar shows so look for them on the road or order the part you need by giving them a call.

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