At this amazing paradise resort you can dine at the foot of a waterfall

Imagine the perfect tropical resort and you've got the Villa Escudero!

The Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is pretty much everything you’d expect a tropical dream resort to be. Delicious food, warm wonderful weather, and a restaurant at the foot of a waterfall where guests dine while water rushes under their tables. In other words, it’s pretty much paradise. 


The Villa Escudero in the Philippines is one part luxury resort, one part adventure experience, all wrapped up inside an amazingly picturesque hotel, where guests can spend the day stretched out on a hammock, or tackling the waves on the Bamboo Rafts tour. 

The biggest attraction however, is the amazing waterfall restaurant where guests can pig out on delicious local Filipino dishes while soaking their feetsies in the warm river water. I'm talking, clear spring water tickling your toes while you soak up some of the local color and delicious culinary treats. Two words: Heck yes.

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If you’d rather head off the resort, you can always take the Rural Village Tour, where you climb aboard an ox pulled jeepney and head into town. Don’t worry history lovers, they haven’t forgotten you! Take the AERA memorial museum tour, housed inside one of the country's most beautiful replica churches. 

“The core of the collection is its trove of colonial religious art. The superbly executed silver altars, gilded carrozas, ivory santos, embroidered vestments and intricately carved inages and bas-reliefs and tableaux, most dating from the Spanish colonial era are a testimony to the artistry and piety of the Filipino.” -  Villaescudero 


The resort also has loads of bike trails, tennis courts, birdwatching, ping-pong, and they even have a karaoke hall, so once you’ve had one too many Banana Mammas you’ve got somewhere to embarrass yourself. 


As I said, the Villa Escuedero Resort is pretty much a perfect slice of heaven, and if the waterfall restaurant wasn’t enough to convince you, they’ve got something for anyone looking to have fun. And with winter finally here, it’s the perfect time to visit!

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