This woman just drove a tractor all the way to the South Pole

Is this the most epic tractor trip of all time? We say yes...

Over 60 years ago, Sir Edmund Hillary became famous for being the first person to climb Mt. Everest, and struggled to think of what challenge to tackle next. After five years of contemplation, he decided to drive a Ferguson tractor across the brutally harsh terrain of Antarctica all the way to the South Pole, the first time the pole had been reached using a motor vehicle. Five decades later, Manon Ossevoort, aka “Tractor Girl,” and her team made their own 3,000 mile trek to the South Pole, once again in a Ferguson tractor…

Dubbed “Antarctica2”, Manon left from Novo Runway on the coast of Antarctica and spent 28 punishing days navigating her Massey Ferguson 5610 tractor all the way to the South Pole and back. Her faithful MF 5610 tractor becomes the first farm tractor with tires to reach the South Pole (Hillary’s had special tracks on it.)


More importantly, Manon fulfils a 12-year dream to drive a tractor “to the end of the world.” She’s been traveling the world collecting peoples’ dreams to take with her to the South Pole, and now her journey serves as a great example that determination and belief can triumph.


Driving a tractor across Antarctica isn’t child’s play… The environment is as brutal as one can imagine with winds up to 200 MPH and temperatures so cold polar explorers are told to eat over 6,000 calories a day just to keep their core temperature up. The equipment faces a tough challenge as well, needing to perform in such punishing conditions. The tractor, however, performed like a champ, logging 760 hours of operation, almost non-stop, with only a few repairs needed. (That’s more hours than most farms using this tractor would log in 2 years.)


The tractor itself is now a bit of a celebrity and will be on display at the SIMA Show (Paris International Agricultural Business Show) this February in Paris.

For more information on the journey, visit the "Antarctica2" website.

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