This 747-turned-art car will be the craziest, biggest art installation you’ll see at Burning Man in 2015

After all, burning Man is more fun when you’re with 300 of your friends on a giant 747…

When all the crazy art-car contraptions roll into Burning Man this year, Black Rock City may see one casting a much, much bigger shadow. That’d be the 747-turned-art-installation from the folks at Big Imagination

At 3 stories tall, 4 buses wide and half a football field long, it may be the biggest “car” in the world, and it has room for 300 of your craziest friends to join you for the 7 day “experience” of burning man.

For most of us, this just looks like an awesome big-ass-plane-turned-car but Big Imagination thinks it’s way more than that. Here’s their wonderfully hippy-dippy description of the project:

The 747 Project invokes all of the elements of a journey. It’s a destination, transportation, and an adventure. Our goal is to move participants in many ways, to take them on a trip not only from Point A to Point B, but also from the outer self to the inner self.

Join us, and let your imagination take flight.

No word yet on how the 747 will take you from outer to inner self, but we’re guessing it involves a copious amount of drugs.

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Oh, and speaking of art and cars...This guy is intentionally letting classic cars rot as his "art":

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