Take a drive in the real-life Pizza Planet truck from Pixar's Toy Story

These guys are spreading Pixar joy all over the US in their Pizza Planet truck

Ever since Woody and Buzz hitched a ride on the Pizza Planet truck in Toy Story, it has been a fixture in Pixar/Disney movies, having appeared in every Pixar film since except The Incredibles. The truck, now with almost as many Pixar credits as John Ratzenberger, has a fan base all its own, and a few of those fans have taken the fictional movie truck and made it a reality… Meet the real-life Pizza Planet truck…

It all started simply enough… a group of friends wanting a fun little side project. They test drove some trucks they found on craigslist and finally nabbed a stick-shift Toyota with just the right amount of abuse to make the perfect base for their creation.


From there came all the touches that make it a “Pizza Planet” delivery truck… The “YO”, the white camper shell, and, most importantly, the “Pizza Planet” rooftop rocket. Although the truck currently looks remarkably similar to the animated Pizza Planet truck, the crew claims they’re still working to make it even more accurate.

When the group of friends first embarked on the build, they assumed the project would just be a fun thing to take around the neighborhood, but the truck started getting more and more attention, and now the Pizza Planet truck travels all over California from the Bay Area to San Diego.

Their most epic road trip so far? Stopping by the Pixar Animation Studios

The Pizza Planet truck has become a bit of a celebrity, making “appearances” at local restaurants and car shows as well as the Hollywood Christmas Parade for the past 2 years. The reaction has been so overwhelming the crew now sell “YO” buttons and sometimes even t-shirts for the surprisingly large number of Pizza Planet truck fans and admirers.

For something that started out as a fun side project, the real-life Pizza Planet truck seems to be a bigger hit than anyone first imagined. Marco Bongiorno, one of the creators of the truck, says:

Sometime it takes a moment for them to recognize it, but once they do it's fun to see how excited they get.  On several occasions we've had kids return to the truck with a parent in tow to say, "See! It is the Pizza Planet Truck!".

Marco and his fellow Pizza Planet crew may be spreading the joy throughout California, but they hope to eventually take their Pizza Planet deliver truck on the road for a cross-country trip. Follow along on Facebook and their blog for more about their upcoming adventures. (You can also help them keep the truck going by donating a little money!)

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