The Offsets: Mine la Motte

The Offsets is a recreational water-filled quarry in Mine la Motte, Missouri. Activities available at the Offsets include cliff diving, rock climbing, swimming, scuba diving and rafting. The facility also features explorable caves, campgrounds, and a zip line. The cliffs at the Offsets vary in size, with the highest reaching more than 50 feet.

Parking and Public Transportation at the Offsets
Parking is included in the cost of admission, and the lot is only a short jaunt from the cliffs. Public transit to the small community of Mine la Motte is not available. The entrance to the Offsets off MO-OO is subtle, so keep an eye out. If you reach Fredericktown driving south, you've missed it.

Best and Worst Times to Visit the Offsets
There's a party atmosphere on summer weekends at the Offsets, particularly on Saturdays from Memorial Day through Labor Day (roughly). Holiday weekends are especially busy.

Weekdays over the summer are more tame and are probably a better time for serious climbers and divers to experience the Offsets.

Admission to the Offsets
Admission to the Offsets can fluctuate seasonally but is generally in the $10 range. Camping overnight costs another $10 roughly. Same goes for scuba diving. Inner tubes are available for rent for a nominal amount also.

Must See/Do at the Offsets
Adrenaline chasers will love leaping off the highest cliffs, which reach close to 60 feet. Many first-time jumpers start with the lower cliffs (in the 30-foot range) and gradually work their way up.

The zip line, although not always operable, offers superb views.

Other Places to Visit Near the Offsets
The Silver Mines Recreation Area, a popular hiking, fishing, camping, and nature viewing area, is located nearby in Fredericktown. The beautiful Castor River Shut-Ins are a short trek also.

Insider Tip for Visitors to the Offsets
Give your sunglasses to someone for safekeeping before jumping from a cliff. Whether you keep them on your face or put them in your pocket, they are likely to end up at the bottom of the quarry.

Author's Bio: Marcus Whelchel lives, works, and writes in St. Louis, MO, with his wife and daughter. A lemming, perhaps, in a former life, he has jumped off many cliffs in this one.