Explore Abbi and Ilana's New York with this guide to 'Broad City' filming locations

Bed Bath & Beyond coupons never expire.

After only a few episodes into its first season, Comedy Central's Broad City had gained tons of praise for being edgy, relatable and genuinely funny from critics, and most importanly, audiences... and season 2 isn't slowing down or backing off on the kick ass-ery. Grab your BFF and hit up these Broad City filming locations-- because even though being a 20-something chick in New York isn't always easy (seriously, it takes a lot of effort to do as little real work as possible) it can always be interesting!

Chalk Gyms: You may recognize this as the filming location for the awfully-but-brilliantly named Soulstice Gym where Abbi labors away cleaning up puke and other grossness off the equipment. In real life, this super Brooklyn-y gym has trainers and members that make Spotify playlists of music you've never heard of, features exposed brick walls, and offers every class you could ever want to take.

Washington Square Park: I'm not saying this is a good place to purchase illegal substances... but I'm not not saying that either. Do with this information what you will. Or, if you're not looking for an adventure, it's also just a nice place for a relaxing stroll.

Swine: Who among us hasn't ever experienced losing a phone during an eventful night out? If you do visit this, seriously keep your phone on you like glue. The chill atmosphere here makes it the perfect place to hang out with your BFF... but looking over their beer, wine and cocktails menus, it's not hard to see how you could get a little caught up in the fun and lose track of stuff here.

Lower East Side Animal Hospital: Dog walkers, pet groomers, and animal owners, take note! This place is discreet and will answer any of your questions related to dog and/or human hemorrhoids.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Stock up on coupons, bitches-- they never expire! This show has taken on an almost legendary status in the show's world (well, to Abbi, at least). Just make sure you make it very clear to everyone around you that they shouldn't touch your BB&B coupons. 

Grand Relax Day Spa: Great place to get a wax! But beware: they know how long it's been since your last one. They always know. Always.

Grounded Coffee: This is the sandwich shop where Abbi has her art show. It doesn't go well-- she only sells one piece. To Ilana. I think we can all agree we know what that feels like, so at least admire the artwork on display here-- and then treat yourself for all your hard work looking at the art to a sandwich (lovingly handcrafted by a sandwich artist).

Central Park Sheep Meadow: Should you decide to dance topless here, just know that A. you aren't the first person to do so (and you certainly won't be the last) and B. it might still get you into a little bit of trouble. 

KGB Bar: In the show, this is the filming location for an improv show put on by Ilana's friend. In real life, this place is somewhat of an institution in the literary world, hosting readings most nights and making a good atmosphere for the who's who of the writing world to rub elbows. I'm sure the readings they put on are much, much better than Tyler's improv.

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