Millions of dollars hang from the ceiling of McGuire's Irish Pub

20,000 square feet and millions of dollars adorn this Pensacola pub.

There's a little-known, but popular local joint in Pensacola, Florida. McGuire's Irish Pub was opened in 1977, in an old fire house that dates back to the late 1920s. What makes this pub and brewery so special isn't that it's 20,000 square feet of themed rooms, such as the Notre Dame Room, The Irish Links Room and the Ruprecht O'Tolf Wine Cellar. It's from the ceilings to the walls, the pub is covered in dollar bills.

Many of the dollar bills are even signed by famous celebrities, visiting politicans and sports stars. Oh, and there's also a dozen moose heads. 

When McGuire first opened his pub in the late 1970s he cooked traditional Irish meals, while Molly would wait tables. Molly's first tip was a dollar bill that she pinned to the bar. Since then, patrons have been carrying on the tradition.

It's estimated that over a million dollar bills hang from the ceiling and walls. What's even more crazy is that the pub owners pay taxes on the dollar bills every year! 

Although for the most part patrons respect the tradition, there have been a few unseemly incidents over the years. What's hilarious is that virtually every dollar bill has a signature on it, so whenever someone tries to use one it's quite often returned to the pub. However, a former employee once ran off with $5,000. 

If million dollar Irish pubs are your thing, then definitely visit the Salty Dawg Saloon in Homer, Alaska.

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