Desert Reef Spring is Colorado’s clothing-optional family friendly resort

Don't worry, you can forget your bathing suit.

There’s nothing better than jumping into a steamy hot spring, with the blue sky above you, and some amazing unobstructed mountain views as far as the eyes can see. Florence, Colorado’s Desert Reef Hot Spring is an afternoon soakers dream come true, and the best part is they’re totally clothing optional.

The pools at Desert Reef Hot Springs are fed from steamy hot water flowing over 1000 feet underground, and have been a place for weary travelers to soak their bones for many years. During the summer months the water averages a comfortable 94 to 96 degrees, and 100 to 102 in the cooler winter months. 

As I said, the hot spring is clothing optional, so if you’re uncomfortable with a little public nudity you might want to stick to visiting the spring on Friday’s when they have their “suit only” days. Roughly 75% of the guests who visit choose to hit the spring in their birthday suits, and the amazing natural environment tends to draw crowds of folks looking to get off the grid and back to nature. Don’t worry, they limit the visitors to 60 at a time, which is more than enough room for everyone to spread out. 

“The hot water well was first drilled by Conoco Oil in the 1940's. It was part of the Florence oil exploration project. The well's production is coming from 1,096 feet down into the earth. The water coming from this depth is extremely hot, 132 degrees F and of exceptional water purity. The blue hue of the water is directly connected to the mineral Travertine.” - desert reef hot springs 

If you’re going to be traveling through Florence this road trip season, and you’re looking for a place to strip down to your skivvies and soak your road weary bones, Desert Reef Hot Springs is the perfect place to spend the day relaxing in the sunshine before hitting the road. And hey, if you forget your swimming suit you can still grab a soak! 

Featured image credit: Desert Reef Hot Springs 

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