Pewit's Nest: Wisconsin's secret gorge surrounded by waterfalls

The 30-40 foot gorge was formed by a glacier and today remains a beautiful lush oasis.

Pewits Nest Canyon in Baraboo, Wisconsin may only be 9-acres, but it certainly packs a punch. The natural gorge features a series of waterfalls and pools that are surrounded by 30-40 foot cliffs. Some people even dive into the pools from the cliff (but pay attention to park rules). After glacial Lake Baraboo drained, Skillet Creek then cut through a narrow canyon, which formed the potholes and waterfalls within the gorge.


"At one time the jaws at the mouth of the nest supported a great iron shaft, a cumbersome overshot waterwheel. . . . Before the building of the mill, an individual lived in the solid sandstone, like a gnome in a cavern. His abode was some ten feet above a deep pool of water. This dwelling resembled the nest of a phoebe (or peewit, an earlier name for this bird), hence dubbed by early settlers the 'Peewit's Nest.'" - H. E. Cole

Pewit's Nest has long been a best-kept local secret. However, the secret is out. It's important to keep in mind, when visiting the gorge, the trails aren't maintained so you'll want to be careful when walking above the gorge. The area is open from 6AM til 8PM, and there are a few parking spots available.

"At one time a waterwheel and mill were located on the site and "an individual lived in the solid sandstone, like a gnome in a cavern." The name of the site was a result of early settlers calling it "Peewit's Nest" after the abode, ten feet above a deep pool of water, resembling the nest of a phoebe (or peewit, an earlier name for this bird)." - Wikipedia



DNR, Devil's Lake Wisconsin

FEATURED PHOTO: Alberto VanHecke

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