These "European" castles are insane and not anywhere near Europe

Some crazy developers decided to build massive European castles thousands of miles away from Europe.

This sprawling castle is meant to transport you back to Medieval European times. Or at least the Medieval Europe that China wants you to believe once existed. The Starwood Hotels' "Castle Hotel" is 5,000 miles from Germany, in China's seaport city of Dalian in the Liaoning province.

The Bavarian-inspired castle keep comes complete with towering spires and ramparts. There's even a craft beer brewery in the "Royal Cellar." Yup, the Chinese are even getting in on the craft beer craze that's engulfed America and Western Europe. This isn't the only European-inspired hamlet in China. 

Oh no...

There's also this German-style castle hotel in Qingdao:

This Disneyland-inspired castle, Dusit Thani Castle Fushun, that's being built in Fushun, Liaoning:

In fact, there are even large-scale recreations of UNESCO World Heritage village, Hallstatt, in Guangdong:

And don't forget about visiting the ghost town of Hangzhou's Paris and Vienna in Zhejiang:

Jing Daily via Gizmodo

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