Amity Island, NY

The sleepy beach town of Amity Island off of New York's Long Island booms with beach goers every summer season. Nothing could keep visitors from across the northeast from enjoying the sun soaked shores. Tourists would swim through shark infested waters to enjoy an ice cream cone or hot dog on Amity's warm beaches.

Must see on Amity Island
The beaches are the town's main drawn and the real reason to visit the island. The sands are soft and waters are a refreshing temperature that keeps you cool on those hot July days. Townspeople try to scare tourists into believing that swimming too far out can lead to white shark attacks, but the long time mayor will usually assure you that those are just rumors, even if he then will encourage you to spend lots of money at the Main Street businesses.

Where to stay on Amity Island
Renting a beach house is the best option for staying in Amity. You can hear the waves and watch the sunrise from your veranda. It also offers easy access to the beach and very safe night-time swims. There is also a cheap motel on the outskirts of town, but the place has been known to host some torrid affairs among the locals.

Best and worst time to go to Amity Island
Fourth of July weekend is a blast on Amity Island. Barbecues grilling up hot dogs, fair-like events on Main Street, and tons of shark meals -- I mean tourists -- enjoying the waves. The worst time to visit is in January. Snow covers the island and many businesses are closed. The police chief is always saying this is an under-served tourist season, but he can be a bit of a downer.

The best deal on Amity Island
The beach near the main street is for the public and is totally free. The crowds are large and the commotion in the water might attract some sea life to the shore, but it is worth it.

Transportation on Amity Island
Since Amity is an island with a small population, there are few roads, so small water craft is the best way to get around. The smaller the better, since they are faster and can maneuver better. It's true that many small skiffs throughout the island have large bite marks taken out of the sides, but pay no attention to these.

Insider tip for visitors to Amity Island
Amity Island is an incredibly safe place, you can really let your guard down and relax here, so leave your stresses behind. Take a solo midnight dip in the ocean, it is safe and sublime. Ignore that old rule about waiting 30 minutes after eating to swim; heck bring your burger into the sparkling blue ocean water. Just chill out, nothing bad ever happens on Amity Island.

Disclaimer: Obviously Amity Island is the fictional town from "Jaws," but if there are signs of a killer shark at a beach near you, take lessons from this story and stay out of the water.