The only campfire dinner recipes you'll ever need

These delicious campfire recipes are sure to satisfy your whole camping crew!

If s’mores are the only dish you’ve ever attempted over a campfire, prepare for your mind to be blown. With a little bit of planning and a smidge of patience, you can feast like royalty during your next trek to the great outdoors. Take note of these campfire recipes. Your taste buds will thank us later.

Campfire Kabobs

It’s dinner on a stick! Grab some skewers and slice up some veggies for a delicious campfire dinner that lets everyone concoct their own creations. Examples of produce that holds up particularly well on a stick include eggplant, bell peppers, pineapple, mushrooms, and zucchini. Meat lovers can dice up some chicken or steak – just break a piece open before indulging to be sure it’s cooked through (15 minutes over the fire should do it). With a little advanced planning, vegetarians can press and season tofu beforehand to sneak in some healthy protein after all that time spent on the trail. Heat up marinades in a campfire skillet for shareable dipping sauces too!

Don’t have a skewer handy? A coat hanger should do the trick. But unlike the s’more, this recipe should not be attempted with sticks unless tongue splinters sound fun (hint: they’re not).

Skillet Nachos

If you haven’t invested in a cast iron skillet, we recommend it for this dish alone. Skillet nachos hit the spot after a day spent adventuring. It’s simple: spread out the tortilla chips and top them with all of your favorite fixings. If you’re truly roughing it with no access to a refrigerator, canned veggies and cheese whiz work just fine. If your inner carnivore demands meat on these bad boys, be sure to cook it separately (see: campfire kabobs).

No skillet? A disposable baking pan or tin foil will suffice; just keep them safely above the flame.

Hobo Bundles


Ah, hobo bundles. The official dinner of free-spirited campers. Less a recipe and more a method, hobo bundles are a way for you to cook whatever your heart desires. Using heavy-duty foil, create a pouch and insert pretty much anything you’d like. We love cheese and potatoes or veggies with a dash of olive oil, but if you have a hankering for carrots with hamburger meat and chocolate, go crazy. You’re a grown-up, darnit.

After you seal your pouch, place it on mature coals and sit back and wait about a half hour. When you open your pouch, be sure to do so in the opposite direction to avoid a face full of steam.

You don’t have to be a five star chef to eat well over the campfire. So forget the bags of Cheetos and awkward campsite pizza delivery and get cooking. We believe in you!

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