This Arizona bridge lets you walk through a giant rattlesnake!

Conquer the diamondback... on foot!

Tucson, Arizona is notorious for having lots of rattlesnakes, but the biggest one in the city is probably the most inocuous... because it's footbridge! The snake crosses Broadway Boulevard just East of the city, intriguing cars and pedestrians alike. Walk (or bike) right into the snake's mouth, between its fangs, and wind your way through its mesh guts to the other side-- once you can see the rattle on its tail, you know you're safely across!

The Rattlesnake Bridge also allegedly surprisingly anatomically correct for a diamondback rattler-- the pattern and segments on the belly as well as the rattle on the tail are to scale and size, and in the appropriate colors. But why a rattlesnake? The diamondback is commonly found in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, even Oklahoma and Mexico. It's the second most deadly snake in America, and the most deadly in Arizona. That's because they're more aggressive than other venomous snakes-- if their rattle doesn't scare you off, they're not afraid to strike. Also, it's just plain rad. Seriously, what other city has an anatomically correct snake bridge???

It was built between 1997 and 2002, and was designed by artist Simon Donovan. It also used to be more awesome-looking-- the eyes originally lit up at night, and its tail used to have a motion senor that triggered a rattling noise when someone walked past, but time and budget cuts have taken their toll on the path. Even though it's stopped terrifying innocent passersby with its eyes and tail, it's still nothing to hiss at!

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