Top Five Pizza Places in Buffalo, NY

Overheard one day in a Buffalo office: "I could really go for some Pizza Hut right now." The speaker was immediately discredited as a traitor to the Buffalo pizza scene, and for good reason: Buffalo may be a small city compared to the likes of New York or Chicago — which are famous for their pies — but its pizza joints are plentiful and offerings are eclectic. The five pizza places below are in no particular order, and some go a bit beyond Buffalo's city limits. But the one thing they all have in common? Amazing pizza that will leave anyone (visitor and resident alike) craving more.

1. Franco's Pizza
Like most of the restaurants on this list, Franco's serves much more than pizza, including subs, wings, and fish fry dinners (also hugely popular among Western New York residents). Their website always has coupons and you can order online - perfect for those cold winter nights when even talking on the phone uses up precious body heat. Franco's has a large selection of specialty pizzas, including the best Hawaiian pizza ever, topped with pineapple, ham, and tons of bacon. So good.

2. Wally's Pizza & Subs
Wally's is a smaller pizza place north of Buffalo and has a limited menu, but they do have a pretty decent number of daily lunch specials that will fill you up for fewer than ten bucks. One of the best items on the menu is the New Yorker, their extra-large thin crust pizza that's blissfully greasy and delicious topped with just cheese and pepperoni. Sides and wings are also available, but the pizza is by far the best menu item.

3. Zetti's Pizza & Pasta
Zetti's makes the claim that it has "Buffalo's Best New York Style Pizza!" - which has been hotly contested on various online review sites. While they do serve other dishes such as pasta and calzones, the pizza is addictive, whether or not you think it's authentic New York-style. The best way to experience the full scope of their offerings is to go into the storefront, situated close to the University at Buffalo's north campus, and see what daily specials are on the counter - and then order a couple of different slices. A single slice is huge; two easily make a meal. The bruschetta pizza is full of flavorful toppings, so that's definitely one of the slices to try if available.

4. Goodfellas Pizzeria: 745 W. Market St., Niagara Falls, NY 14301 Phone: (716) 285-8448
A hidden gem in Niagara Falls, NY, Goodfellas' pizza has thick cheese, a light, sweet sauce and a crunchy, thick crust (in other words, not for fans of New York-style pizza) which makes it different than most other pizza in the area. Best of all, pepperoni fans will find a lot of pepperoni on top – and you don't have to order extra to get it. It's not really a sit-down place by any means, but the delivery is fast and hot. The chicken fingers and wings are greasy, but the good type of greasy; and their charbroiled wings are extremely popular with the locals. It's also one of the cheapest pies in town without needing to use a coupon. Pizza by the slice is also available upon request.

5. Bocce Club Pizza
Bocce has some raving fans, and gets a lot of traffic from nearby businesses who order many a Bocce pizza party for employees. The wings are also a Buffalo staple and often accompany pizza orders (skipping a lot of the trendy specialty flavors other wing places feature, in favor of a Buffalo standard selection of mild, hot, and medium, along with a couple of grilled flavors). Those who love Bocce love it for their thick, plentiful crust and "secret recipe pizza sauce." There are specialty pizzas, but what former residents really crave when they step foot back on home turf is a good old-fashioned cheese and pepperoni pie. The best part? If you miss Buffalo and live within the continental U.S., Bocce will ship you the pizza of your choice. Now that's some good service.

Kimberly Mintz is a writer and voice actor who lives in the Buffalo area. Find her on Twitter @KimIsWriting.