Sleep in a real caboose at this Pennsylvania Amish-country retreat

You’ll feel like a little kid again at the Red Caboose Motel...

When you were a kid, you probably did the same thing we did when a train went by: check to see if it had a caboose! Sure, these days you won’t find one on the back of a train, but you can find a whole bunch at the Red Caboose Motel & Restaurant. The best part? Here you can even sleep in one!

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Located in Lancaster County, a tourist destination for all-things-Amish, the Red Caboose Motel and Restaurant may be the state’s most unique lodging with 40 different train cars and cabooses available for you to rest your head along with a restaurant serving up some of the best down-home food you’ll ever eat.


Each “room” features a great view of either the Strasburg Railroad or the gentle hills of the Amish countryside. A recent series of renovations to the cabooses and train cars mean that although you’re staying in an old train car, you’ll have all the modern amenities you’d find at a brand-new hotel.

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For an extra bit of romance and relaxing, reserve a caboose with a private deck so you can kick your feet up and enjoy a drink while gazing at the Amish farms nearby.

While sleeping in a train car isn’t particularly Amish, they do offer plenty of country-feeling activities right on site like a petting zoo and even Amish buggy rides.

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Of course, you’ll have to go exploring to experience more of the Amish feel of Lancaster County, but the Red Caboose Motel is right in the thick of the Amish markets and quilt shops and just around the corner from the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

So exploring the Amish countryside probably isn’t super exciting for your kids… Thankfully the Red Caboose is also just minutes away from a place designed just for them: Dutch Wonderland.

In case you’re not familiar with Dutch Wonderland, it’s pretty much heaven on earth for little kiddos. Since 1963, Dutch Wonderland has been a “kingdom for kids,” and a place where “kids rule.” While that sounds a bit like a terrible reality show of kids governing themselves, it’s actually just a place where every ride and show is designed just for kids and families.


After a day of riding the more than 30 rides designed just for young children, we’re pretty sure taking them to a motel with a petting zoo and where they can sleep in a real caboose will make you the parents-of-the-year to your kids. (And, it’ll exhaust them… Everyone gets a good nights sleep.)

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Whether you’re headed to the Lancaster county area for some Amish cheese or taking the kids for a quick weekend getaway, a stay at the Red Caboose Motel & Restaurant will be the extra little something to make your trip truly unique. (Click on the links to see more photos and book your room.)

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