Seven Ways You Know You're From L.A.

It's pretty easy to recognize native Angelenos, especially when it comes to driving—which is what we are doing most of the time here in Los Angeles (or at least trying to do as we're stuck in traffic). Here are some of the telltale signs you're not a tourist.

1. If you have to drive across town, you always add an extra hour to get there.
Unless it's 3 a.m., when an extra half hour is usually sufficient.

2. If you're driving and it starts to rain, you slow down to 5 mph.
Hey, rain doesn't happen here very often, so we forget what we're supposed to do.

3. When traffic stops on the freeway, you rarely get off and take surface streets.
You've probably tried it once or twice, thinking it might be quicker since you'll actually be moving. But nope, everybody else had the same idea.

4. You refer to distances in time, not miles.
You have no idea how many miles it is from, say, downtown L.A. to Santa Monica, but you know it's generally about a 90-minute trip by car.

5. You always have an excuse ready in case someone asks for a ride to LAX.
Your car is in the shop/won't start. Your college roommate/cousin-in-law/former yoga instructor is in town just for the day. Most effective: You're coming down with something really contagious.

Besides your driving habits, there are a couple of other ways to know you're from L.A.:

6. When the temperature drops below 70 degrees, you put on a sweater.
It's easy to spot tourists visiting Los Angeles in the winter. They're wearing tank tops and shorts while we natives are bundled up in layers.

7. You ignore earthquakes that register less than 4.0 on the Richter scale.
You might shout "Earthquake!" to announce to non-Angelenos why the ground is shaking, but you won't bother running for cover until things start to fall and collapse.

Laura Goldman is a freelance writer and lifelong Angeleno who has spent an estimated 6.2 million hours stuck in traffic (at least it seems like it). Check out her i Still Love Dogs blog and follow her on Twitter.