7 Telltale Signs That You Probably Grew Up in Metro Detroit

If you grew up in the suburbs around Metro Detroit in the 1980s or 1990s, there are probably certain experiences that are firmly instilled in your childhood memory. Every kid thinks that the place they grew up was the very best, but there are definitely some places, people and things that are unique to the suburbs of Detroit. Did you spend your childhood in Plymouth, or Clinton Township, Downriver or anywhere in between?

If so, I bet you will remember these!
1. When you were home sick from school, your mother propped you up on the couch in front of the TV, where you spent the day sipping Vernors (never ginger ale!) to calm your stomachache. Even though you wanted to catch the end of The Bozo the Clown Show streamed in from WGN, your mom inevitably made you sit and watch Kelly and Company on WXYZ and then her soap operas until you fell asleep out of sheer boredom.

2. Speaking of TV and your mom, she never, EVER missed the local Channel 7 evening news. She said she wanted to keep abreast of what was going on around town, but you thought it was because she secretly had a crush on swaggering news anchor Bill Bonds.

3. On weekend nights, you would get in your pajamas and your parents would pull the seats out of the back of your mom's Ford Aerostar. Then the whole family would load up to catch a PG movie at the Ford Wyoming Drive In.

4. No snack food will ever taste or sound better than a brand new bag of Better Made BBQ Potato Chips or burn your throat more wonderfully than Faygo Rock and Rye.

5. Every family on your street had a impassioned opinion on the Best Cider Mill in the area. Your next door neighbor swore Blake's had the best donuts, but your own family loved to pick apples at Plymouth Orchards, once the air became crisp and the leaves started to change to a burnt orange.

6. And don't even begin a debate over the "best" Coney Island restaurant (if you don't know what a Coney Island is, then you most certainly aren't from Metro Detroit)! Every neighborhood surely had their local favorite, of course. But the real question became who served the better coney dog for a late night stop after a Tigers Game: Lafayette or American?

7. When my little brother was born in 1982, my parents tried to bribe me into liking the kid with a black and white portable television they bought at Fretter Appliance store. It didn't work. But as a child growing up in the Metro Detroit area, I can still remember the commercials for local stores like Fretter, Uncle Robinson Furniture and Mel Farr.

I'll sing the jingles for you, on command too, anytime you ask.

Or even if you don't ask. And even after you've asked me to stop.

That's just how kids from my neighborhood roll, I guess.

Nicole Jankowski is a freelance writer, mom and sometimes funny fat girl at parties. She blogs at www.momof4istired.com. She has lived in Michigan her entire life (and is a Faygo addict).