​Five Great Cafés in Amsterdam Where You Can Actually Get Coffee

Amsterdam is known worldwide for their coffee shops, but they're not the place to go if a good cup of coffee is what you are looking for. The Dutch have a long history with coffee, and recent years has seen the introduction of specialty cafes around the city. Today, it has never been easier to find a great cup of coffee in every corner of the city.

Founded in 2005, Espressofabriek was one of Amsterdam's first cafes to roast their beans on-site. Espressofabriek has two locations, Westergasfabriek and Ijburg, on opposite ends of the city, so no matter where you are an Espressofabriek cafe is close by. Their Westergasfabriek location is unique as the area was previously a gas exchange facility that was converted into a public space in 2003. The café is a warm and welcoming space for visitors while maintaining the industrial feel that reflects the property's history. Aside from great coffee, Espressofabriek sells a selection of baked goods, including in-store made apple pie. For those who want to take home the taste of Espressofabriek custom beans, their coffee is available for purchase by the bag.

HeadFirst Coffee Roasters
Located in the heart of Jordaan, HeadFirst prides itself on its commitment to good coffee. HeadFirst has set up shop in a former bike shop and maintains the historic feel of Amsterdam's bike culture. There is plenty of open space for seating and a large bar where you can purchase baked goods to go with your coffee. A micro-roastery where all of the café's beans are roasted is located in the back of the café, guaranteeing customers a fresh cup every visit. HeadFirst's beans are available for purchase in store, along with a selection of coffee paraphernalia and literature.

Lot Sixty One
If you're looking for the freshest cup of coffee, Lot Sixty One is where you'll want to head. Since opening in 2013, Lot Sixty One has dedicated itself to providing customers with Amsterdam's freshest cup of coffee. Lot Sixty One delivers on their promise of fresh coffee by purchasing beans from only the most recent harvests. Once the beans arrive in-store, they are strategically roasted to bring out their unique regional flavours. The team at Lot Sixty One is always ready to answer any of your coffee-related questions and for serious coffee drinkers, Lot Sixty One offers beginner and advanced barista training to help you prepare coffee in a way that brings out the best in the beans.

Scandinavian Embassy
Located in De Pijp, Scandinavian Embassy is quickly earning a name for itself in the Amsterdam coffee community. Co-owners Nicolas Castagno and Rikard Andersson, both of whom have a long history in the coffee industry, opened the Scandinavian Embassy to share with the city the finest coffee Scandinavia has to offer. With a number of different roasts available in-store at any time, the flavour options are diverse, ranging from sweet to fruity to heavy; making it easy to find the perfect cup for any taste. Although the beans are not roasted in-store, they do come from an ever-changing roster of fine roasters from throughout Scandinavia. Aside from coffee, Scandinavian Embassy is known for its unique Scandinavian-inspired food pairings, such as bear sausage and moose offal.

Screaming Beans
As one of the first cafes to bring specialty coffee to Amsterdam, Screaming Beans has positioned itself as a leader in the local coffee scene. Upon entering a Screaming Bean cafe, customers will find a variety of beans from around the world, although the largest selection is from Ethiopia. This is due to their partnership with Bocca Coffee, a local roaster who specializes in African coffees and custom roasts all of their beans. The team at Screaming Bean shares their passion for coffee through workshops at their aptly named Screaming Beans Academy. If you're looking for a meal to go along with your coffee, their second location on Hartenstraat opened in 2012 with a focus on high-end foods and wines, in addition to coffee.

Tori Holmes is a freelance copywriting and social media specialist living in Amsterdam. Born and raised in Canada, she is spending her time abroad trying all the different cafes her favourite city has to offer.