Top Five Pizza Joints in Las Vegas

There is a certain stigma about pizza not found in cities like Chicago or New York, to the point where establishments go so far as to tout "New York style pizza." The great city of Las Vegas is set apart from this common ignominy by five joints spread throughout. From a hidden gem inside a casino to a taste of Californian style, these are the top five pizza joints in Las Vegas.

5. Pizza Rock

World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani is known all over California for his award winning pizzas and he's looking to spread his wealth a little further east in Las Vegas. Pizza Rock in Downtown Las Vegas puts Gemignani's style to the test with flavorful pies that go beyond the standard of cheese, sauce, and crust.

Pizza Rock's menu is accentuated by a mix of finely crafted pizzas, antipasti, salads, and entrees; all of which designed and perfected by Gemignani and his talented team of chefs. From the 22-inch New York pie, topped with the classic extra cheese, mozzarella, and pepperoni to the Californian Pizza Campari, with smoked pancetta, mozzarella, peppered goat cheese, escarole, and a blood orange reduction, Pizza Rock's flavors are sure to satisfy both the east and west coast.

Pizza Rock has two Nevada locations, one at 201 N 3rd Street in Las Vegas and the other inside the Green Valley Ranch at 2300 Paseo Verde Parkway in Henderson.

4. Secret Pizza

The all-too-accurate name could be understandably off-putting to start, but the hidden nature of the pizzeria is certainly worth dealing with for an authentic slice of a New York styled pie. Secret Pizza is tucked away in a corner of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, indicated only by the aroma of cheese and sauce that fills the seating area just outside its main hallway.

Why it's a secret is actually more of a mystery than the actual location itself, but looking past what my be construed as a gimmick, you'll find yourself face-to-face with flavors that should not be hidden. Melty mozzarella and a perfectly acidic tomato sauce coats a thin, crispy crust. Topping these slices of gold are toppings of your choice, from staples like pepperoni and meatball to dollops of creamy ricotta.

To find Secret Pizza, just follow the long, unmarked hallway on the 2nd floor off the Cosmopolitan's casino.

3. New York Pizza & Pasta

It's actually a rarity to find true to form New York styled pizza outside of New York, but this Las Vegas gem may be a diamond in the rough. One look at their pies will have you thinking you've traveled instantly to The Big Apple, a sensation amplified even further by the robust flavor of the tomato sauce. New York Pizza & Pasta is a smaller joint that offers take-out and delivery, but that doesn't stop it from being authentic.

Chicken parmigiana rolls, baked manicotti, ziti, and a traditional New York thin crust pizza give the menu its true east coast feel. Though thin crust is this joints specialty, the pizzeria expertly crafts a thicker crusted Sicilian pie, with edges that are the perfect texture of crispy and doughy.

If you find yourself enthralled by New York Pizza & Pasta's menu and knack for flavoring, you'll definitely want to consider them to cater your next affair. With hefty party trays of pasta, lasagna, and appetizer samplers, they're the perfect party accompaniment.

New York Pizza & Pasta can be found at 2400 S Jones in Las Vegas.

2. Settebello

Pizza that isn't coated with a red tomato sauce and mounds of cheese? Sounds a little fishy, but Settebello shows that there is more to pizza than the traditional style many people are used to and comfortable with. Borrowing from Napoli-styled pizza, Settebello dishes out personal pies on a charred focaccia cooked to perfection in an authentic wood burning oven. Ingredients brought in from Napoli, Parma, and Modena Italy reel in a truly authentic culinary experience.

Settebello's menu is not bogged down with unnecessary options, though a selection of appetizers like a meat and cheese platter and a crisp salad topped with pine nuts, parmesan, and ripe cherry tomato are beautiful accompaniments to their dozen pizzas. From crushed tomatoes and gorgonzola mozzarella to an alluring Italian cream sauce and fresh corn, these pies stretch beyond our concept of ordinary pizza with flavor combinations that are out of this world.

This brilliant pizzeria is a convenient ride down I-215 and can be found at 140 S Green Valley Parkway in Henderson, NV.

1. Slice of Vegas

Slice of Vegas is one of Sin City's more surprising pizza joints. Looking more like a family restaurant that may skimp on the flavors, this pizzeria clearly takes pride in the pies that it sends out of its kitchen. It's more than just pizza, though; Slice of Vegas specializes in an all around culinary experience, with appetizers ranging from a simple garlic bread with robust seasoning to crispy, toasted cheese ravioli.

The star of the show is pizza, though, and with 10 different pies and a build your own option, you're near guaranteed to find something perfect for you. You'll see your standard array of usual toppings with added unexpected options like truffle oil, shaved fennel, and arugula mangino.

Slice of Vegas can be found in between Mandalay Bay and The Luxor at 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South, right on the southern edge of the Strip.

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