The 5 Best Boba Places in San Francisco

Boba has grown in popularity over the past few years thanks to its unorthodox fusion of milk, tea and purple tapioca balls. There also happens to be a profuse number of milk tea spots in San Francisco. In no particular order, here are the five best boba joints to check out in SF.

1. Plentea

The first boba spot on the list is big on aesthetics. Located in Chinatown, Plentea is known for serving milk tea in their signature glass milk bottles. Their drinks are pretty darn good, too, especially the Crema Oolong Tea. Also, remember to bring your milk bottle back during your next visit for a special discount.

2. Tpumps

Tpumps is the place to go if endless flavor combinations are your cup of tea. This Sunset boba haven features several flavors that can be mixed and matched, along with a fair assortment of delectable toppings. Try the Green Jolly Rancher drink with litchi popping boba for a sugar-ific picker-upper.

One more recommendation: come before 2-3 p.m. to avoid the afternoon teeny-bopper rush.

3. Boba Guys

Another popular SF boba destination is Boba Guys, which can be found in the Financial and Mission districts. They pride themselves on using the highest quality ingredients -- organic milk, homemade syrups, small-batch tea and no powders. Order the Horchata Milk Tea or Iced Matcha Latte to hit the spot and then some.

4. Purple Kow

Are you the sultan of sweet? Good, then Purple Kow is the place for you. With their rich and creamy milk drinks and patented pudding topping, Purple Kow is ideal for boba and sugar fiends alike. However, they can also lower the sugar content down to 25 percent, if necessary. First-timers should give any variety of the Iced Milk Drink a shot.

5. Share Tea

Last but no less delicious, Share Tea is sure to sweeten up any boba lover's day. They offer some pretty unique milk tea varieties, including Oreo and green tea with a scoop of ice cream. The latter is undoubtedly a milk-on-milk treat to die for.

Share Tea can also be found in Berkeley, if you happen to live in the East Bay.

Mark A. Gavigan is a San Franciscan writer, hip hop artist and lover of creamed corn. Follow him @MarkAGavigan for random musings that will not impact your life whatsoever.