This hotel's penthouse suite lets you camp outside in NYC

This is glamping like you've never seen it before!

Okay, camping might not be the exact right word to describe staying on the wraparound terrace of Aka Central Park's luxury penthouse suite in their 58th Street building. I mean, come on... luxury penthouse suite. But, there's something undeniably alluring and romantic about New York City at night, and the idea of being able to spend as much time as possible in such an inspiring environment is pretty cool. Sure, the price is pretty steep (think somewhere along the lines of $2-$3,000 a night) but the hotel spares no expense.

The building is only a block from Central Park, with its many museums, and is only steps away from some of New York's best shopping. So after a long day of exploring the neighborhood, you'll probably want to unwind... probably with a fire in the bedside fireplace and some la Maison du Chocolat s'mores, made for you by your butler. AKA offers in-room spa services and a state of the art workout center, plus the room also comes with a bottle of bubbly or vodka, a fully-stocked gourmet kitchen, plasma TVs, an e-reader, a high-powered telescope, and chocolate covered strawberries, so you'll be pretty much set for a perfect stay.

And, if the noise from the City That Never Sleeps makes it too hard to relax in that enormous bed under the stars... you've got an entire luxury suite, complete with bedroom, oversized rainfall shower, and awesome views right inside! AKA specializes in long-term accomodations, so even though you'll need to give them about two weeks notice if you want a bed set up on the terrace, you should have plenty of time to arrange it if you find the evening skyline beckoning to you.

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