Top Ten Fountains in Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri is known as the City of Fountains with more than 200 such works of art in the city. Some say Kansas City has more fountains per capita than Rome, but really, who is counting? On opening day of baseball and when the Royals are in the post season, the fountains run blue with jubilation. Just enjoy.

J.C. Nichols Fountain
Located on the Country Club Plaza, the J.C. Nichols Fountain is the most photographed of the collection and one of the iconic symbols of Kansas City. It features four equestrian figures and honors the man who developed the beautiful Country Club Plaza in the 1920s.

Kansas City Royals Fountain
Located in the outfield of Kauffman Stadium, home of the World Champion Kansas City Royals, the 322-foot long water feature dances and sprays between innings up to 12 stories high. It's the largest privately funded fountain in the world.

Henry Bloch Fountain, Pershing and Main
One of the most recent additions to Kansas City's parade of fountains, the energetic dance of water that comes from this 40-foot circle of jets, and its outstanding location between Union Station and the Liberty Memorial make it very popular in the city.

Children's Fountain, 32nd and N. Oak
The joyfulness of the six bronze children playing in the water in this Northland fountain touches everyone's heart, especially when noticing the one child who throws off his crutches to play in the water.

Meyer Circle Seahorse Fountain, Meyer and Ward Parkway
As much as Kansas City is known for its beautiful fountains, it is equally notable for the broad, tree-lined boulevards that invite travelers to explore the neighborhoods and communities. Ward Parkway, one of Kansas City most beautiful boulevards, is the ideal setting for this monument, perhaps one of the three best-known fountains.

Spirit of Freedom Fountain, Cleveland and Cleaver II Boulevard
Kansas City jazz comes to life in this fountain that stands as a monument to the contributions of African Americans to Kansas City.

Firefighter's Memorial Fountain, 31st and Broadway
This beautiful fountain with an 80-foot wide basin, was built by the community after six firefighters lost their lives in one fire in 1988. The names of all firefighters who have lost their lives in service to the community are engraved nearby.

Vietnam Veteran's Fountain, 43rd and Broadway
These three-pooled water feature was designed to sooth the spirits of those who fought during one of this country's most controversial wars and turbulent eras.

Barney Allis Plaza Fountain, 12th and Central
This cascading fountain with 112 geysers is nearly a block long and named for a civic leader who managed the historic Muehlbach Hotel, just across the street, for many, many years.

Muse of the Missouri, 8th and Main downtown
Using a fisherman as inspiration from the Missouri River just a few blocks away, this artistic fountain was donated to the city by the family of David Woods Kemper who died in combat in the last days of WWII.

Diana Lambdin Meyer is a travel writer based in Kansas City. Follow her journeys at and on Twitter @mojotraveler.