Worst Places to Visit in Portland

Portland, Oregon, is a cultural wonderland filled with great food, great museums and bunches of outdoor activities. But the same things that make Portland a perfect place to visit can also make it a struggle to enjoy. Check out the worst places to visit in Portland, thanks to being overrun by hipsters or the likelihood of getting rained out.

Restaurants Featured on Your Favorite Food Show
Yes, Portland is a foodie city and many of the city's best restaurants tend to be featured on your favorite television shows. This doesn't affect the flavor of the food so much as it does how long you have to wait to get a bite. From doughnuts and ice cream to biscuits and chicken, Portlandians seem to love to wait in long lines for food. To avoid the wait, call in an order for takeout or go to your destination at an off time. Because nothing is sweeter than a cone filled with salty, caramel ice cream in the winter.

Multnomah Falls on Weekends
Multnomah Falls is a stunning natural wonder. But the crowds on weekends can make it a lot less fun to gape at. Instead, plan your trek during the week when you'll be able to hike and take photos at your own pace.

Gardens in the Rain
The Rose City has beautiful Rose Gardens and Chinese and Japanese and other public gardens that are all filled with stunning flora and carefully landscaped and manicured details. What these areas don't have is a lot of coverage, which makes wandering through the flowers a lot less fun on Portland's famously rainy days. Skip the gardens in the rain if you don't want to feel rushed and wait for the sun to come out for better enjoyment.

Paul Bunyan Statue
The Northwest is home to a whole lot of logging and so it makes sense that there would be a Paul Bunyan Statue here. But there are also Paul Bunyan statues in other cities, making this one slightly less impressive (despite it's great size). Skip seeing Paul in favor of seeing something truly unique. Like the Welcome to Portland sign that greets everyone heading into downtown and gets featured in movies and stuff.

Food Truck Pods at Random Times
Portland is pretty well known for the food truck "pods" that cluster otherwise empty lots in various parts of the city. While they may seem convenient, they're not always open if you're not heading to breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a traditional breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. Skip feeling disappointed when your chosen eatery on wheels isn't available by heading to a pod at "regular" eating hour so that even if the place you wanted to try is closed, you'll have other close-by options to try.

Much of the crowds are due to the large hipster population that doesn't seem to understand the benefits of reservations. Avoid the hordes by following these insider tips that allow you to enjoy the city with fewer hassles.

Carly Zinderman is a freelance writer from Los Angeles that currently spends her time exploring Portland. She has written for many websites on topics including travel, food and drink.