Explore Bairro Alto: Lisbon, Portugal's naughty neighbourhood

Take the subway (either blue or green line) and come out at Baixa-Chiado station. Climb up to Luís de Camões square, crossing Rua do Alecrim from where looking down you can see the river Tagus. In the square center turn your back on the river and you will be facing Bairro Alto, the bohemian district from the 16th century where old widows live side by side with young and promising artists and writers. Dare to enter the cobbled streets and let yourself get lost in the web of roads and narrow lanes. A little orientation tip: the roads are all perpendicular to the river, the lanes run parallel to it. So, as long as you know where the river is, you'll never be really lost.

In the heart of Bairro Alto by Silvia Romao

Discover the contrasts of old buildings along with modern fashion designer shops, traditional grocery stores side by side with contemporary art galleries and popular taverns beside tattoo artist studios. This small neighbourhood - one of the few that survived the devastating 1755 earthquake - has room for every one. When you feel you've had enough make sure the river is on your back and turn right in one of the lanes. You'll arrive at the edge of Bairro Alto: São Pedro de Alcântara Garden. Approach the veranda and you'll be experiencing one of the most astonishing Lisbon views: On the left, the modern part of the city, in front of you the medieval St. Jorge's castle right on top of the hill and at your right, the river Tagus and its famous bridge that looks just like San Francisco's Golden Gate.

Quiet street during the day by Silvia Romao

Enjoy the sunset, don't leave before night fall. When the daylight is gone, Bairro Alto will surprise you again. Return there and where before there was a quiet little neighbourhood you'll discover the same streets bursting with people of all ages and styles dinning, bar hopping and having fun. Lights, music, movement, drinks, some fado houses and a few of the best restaurants in town can be found here. Have dinner, have fun and make sure you have the same party endurance as the locals.

A lane leading to an astonishing viewpoint by Silvia Romao

Silvia was born in Lisbon. Although her appetite for travel started early in life, Lisbon is the city that she always chooses to come back to. At least until the city reveals all its secrets.