Five Ways to Avoid Donald Trump in New York City

Although it's hard to believe, everyone's "favorite" multi-billionaire Donald Trump is running for president. This means, Donald will be campaigning in a city near you. Mr. Trump frequents New York often so the chances of running into him are high during his campaign for president. But the city is a big place and there are a few activities you can do, five in particular, where you can avoid running into the Donald.

Eat at a Mexican Restaurant

We all know Donald Trump's unwavering stance on undocumented immigrants, and he's singled out Mexicans with the belief their presence has negatively affected America. His loss and your gain because Mexican cuisine and culture is packed with flavor and beauty. So you can rest assured that you won't run into him dining at one of the finest Mexican restaurants around the city. If you're in Brooklyn, stop in at Chavela's in Crown Heights and take advantage of their cheap eats and delicious specialty cocktails. Chipotle is another favorite around the city and can be found in most of New York's boroughs. Dos Caminos is a great restaurant to check out and they have a location in the usually crowded Times Square. Donald probably hates crowds that don't applaud for him so this is a perfect location to avoid seeing him.

Tour the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Another thing you can do around New York to steer clear of the Donald is to tour the Statue of Liberty and to visit Ellis Island. These two places are the hallmark of New York and are a part of the amazing history of this diverse city. Though the Statue of Liberty is closer to Jersey than New York, it still is a big part of the city's identity. Twelve million immigrants passed through Ellis Island from 1892-1954 and one of the first symbols of freedom and democracy they saw was the Statue of Liberty. The best way to get to Liberty Island and Ellis Island is via a ferry and the windy travel will keep Donald and his hair on the island of Manhattan. Be sure to visit the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration and see the thousands of names carved into the Immigrant Wall of Honor.

Visit the New York Public Library's Main Branch by Bryant Park

Donald Trump loves to talk. He might love the sound of his voice so much he can't keep quiet for even a second. So a visit to the New York Public Library's Main Branch next to Bryant Park is a great place to avoid him since talking needs to be kept to a minimum here. This iconic location has appeared in the background of countless TV shows and movies including Ghostbusters, The Wiz, and Sex and The City - you might remember that infamous scene when Big stands Carrie up at their wedding. Great writers have written classic works in this library's reading room and the two lion sculptures that lounge at the library's entrance were carved by The Piccirilli Brothers - the same duo that chiseled the statue of Abraham Lincoln seated at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Shop at a Thrift Store

Donald is a billionaire after all and probably turns his nose up at bargain hunting or thrift shopping. He doesn't know what he's missing. There are tons of cool and vintage items you will find at a local New York thrift shop. There are several located around the city, but Buffalo Exchange is one that sticks out the most. Here you'll find high-end goods at less than half the original price. And you can sell, trade and buy clothes and accessories as well. They have locations in Chelsea and the East Village in Manhattan. They also have one location in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. You'll be in a Donald-free zone and will find great deals on everything. Winning!

Go Ice Skating in Bryant Park

Donald doesn't look like the I-pick-things-up-and-put-things-down kind of guy. In fact, physical activities might be at the bottom of his to-do list. Too risky when trying to maintain a notable comb over. So he'll be avoiding anything that would cause sporadic gusts of wind combing through his hair which can be expected when bike riding or ice skating. That's why skating at The Rink in Bryant Park is a must. The Rink is the centerpiece of Bank of America's Winter Village which also hosts pop-up shops that sell everything from hot chocolate and body care to unique phone cases and beautiful art. Admission is free and they offer rental skates, skating shows, special events and activities. With a rink that measures 170' x 100', all that open space will intimidate Donald and his mane.

Samantha Greaves is a lifelong New Yorker who knows the best kept secret places around the city that sell everything from beauty products to cheap and delicious food. When she's not taking full advantage of the samples at Whole Foods, she blogs about life and writing at