5 Ways to Avoid Donald Trump in Chicago

Although Chicago is notoriously Obama territory, presidential hopeful Donald Trump has put his mark on the city in the form of a hotel-condo skyscraper downtown. If you're keen on avoiding seeing what the Windy City does to The Donald's hair, here are five ways to steer clear of Trump in Chicago.

1. Avert your eyes
The Trump International Hotel and Tower along Chicago's riverfront has been a sore spot for the city. In true Trump fashion, the skyscraper is branded with his name in letters that span almost 3,000 square feet. Mayor Rahm Emanuel went as far as to call the sign "in very poor taste." So if you'll be in the area, keep your eyes cast down unless you want to see a "Trump" the size of Donald's ego.

2. Visit the Obamas
Unless he's poking around for the president's birth certificate, you probably won't find Donald Trump at the Obamas' house in Hyde Park. It's even less likely you'll find Trump at the plaque Chicago placed on the spot of Barack and Michelle's first kiss outside a strip mall on the corner of Dorchester and 53rd. The monument marks the site of an adorable 1989 ice cream date between the future president and first lady, but it's hard to imagine it'll have Donald going "aww."

3. Shop at Macy's
Yes, Chicagoans are still touchy about having a Macy's instead of Marshall Field's, but Donald Trump has called for a full-on boycott. In a tweet, Trump wrote, "Those who believe in tight border security, stopping illegal immigration & SMART trade deals w/other countries should boycott @Macys." Of course, this was after Macy's had ceased its partnership with the presidential candidate over his controversial remarks about immigrants, saying they did not meet Macy's values. That probably means Donald won't be enjoying Macy's elaborate holiday window displays. Bah humbug.

4. Grab a Starbucks
Chicago has dozens of Starbucks locations — practically one on every corner — and all are in Trump's crosshairs. After the company went for a minimalist approach with no explicit references to Christmas on its holiday cups Trump suggested boycotting Starbucks to a crowd in Springfield, Illinois. So when you're in line waiting for your peppermint mocha and the barista calls out "Donald," it's likely not that Donald.

5. Schedule a checkup at Planned Parenthood
Unless he's there as a protester, Donald Trump probably isn't about to visit a Planned Parenthood center for his health care. In fact, he is "very strongly" in favor of defunding the organization, despite it providing vital, affordable reproductive care and education to both men and women across the country.

Mary Daly is a journalist from Chicago. She might go to Starbucks later.