The Top 3 Places to Get a Horseshoe in Springfield, IL

When you live in a city with the most common place name -- there are 13 cities in the U.S. that boast the name Springfield -- it can be a little hard to stand out. But there's one thing that the Springfield in Illinois has that no other Springfield does -- the horseshoe sandwich. The horseshoe was just recently featured on the morning TV show, "Fox & Friends" where a local diner owner won a $25,000 national contest.

So, what is a horseshoe exactly? It depends where you go. Essentially, it's an open-faced sandwich with a type of bread, your choice of meat, french fries, and a cheese sauce. It sounds like a health disaster, but it's a delicious health disaster. You have to try it at least once. And here's where you should go.

D'Arcy's Pint
If you're looking for a horseshoe with an Irish flair, D'Arcy's Pint might be your place. Along with the more traditional meat choices of hamburger, grilled chicken, bacon, turkey, and more, D'Arcy's offers delicious corned beef horseshoes. To top that, you can get their homemade cheese sauce either traditional or spicy, and it's the best cheese sauce in town.
661 W Stanford Ave, Springfield, IL 62704 (217) 492-8800

Charlie Parker
To find the horseshoe with a breakfast variety, look no further than Charlie Parker's. This one includes an egg on toast, and the cheese sauce is mixed with gravy. To go full breakfast style, they'll even let you change out the french fries for hash browns. Plus, you can't go wrong with a diner that is decorated like it's still in the 1950s.
700 W North St, Springfield, IL 62704 (217) 241-2104

Boone's Saloon
Located near downtown, Boone's Saloon is easy to underestimate from the outside. Although it's a small, ordinary-looking bar only a few blocks away from the Capitol building, Boone's is anything but ordinary. The beer selection is amazing, but the horseshoes steal the show. They offer a wide variety of meat choices, and some vegetarian choices as well.
301 W Edwards St, Springfield, IL 62704 (217) 679-3752

Andrea Adams is a freelance writer, residing in the capital city of Illinois. She's a news junkie who loves cats, politics, and coffee.