Florida Winter Wardrobe Guide

I'm a Florida native and every year I anxiously await the opportunity to pull out my cute fall and winter clothing. I have striped sweaters, infinity scarves and black leather boots that would make a perfect holiday statement. I wait for the temperature to drop. And I wait. And I wait. My winter clothes collect a lot of dust waiting to be worn.

For this reason, it's easy for visitors to our wonderful state to make some major packing mistakes. "Surely it'll be a bit chilly in December! I'll throw in my scarf and gloves just in case," may be your thought. I'm here to set some realistic expectations and provide some pointers for what visitors will really want to be wearing when they make the trek down south.

The stereotypes about Florida always being sunny and warm are accurate. Everywhere North of Orlando experiences about a month of "winter," usually around the end of January. The coldest days fall somewhere in the 40s and usually warm up by the afternoon. Places like Miami and The Keys rarely see temperatures lower than 60 degrees Fahrenheit (about 13 degrees Celsius) ever.

What the locals wear
This is why the locals have adapted to wardrobes that are more flexible. Regular Winter garb includes a lot of jeans and loose-fitting shirts. Chillier days may require a jacket, but make sure it zips off easily because the famous Florida sun tends to heat up the afternoons with relative ease.

For footwear, you needn't look further than the sandal section of your local shoe store. I only recently heard that some fashion bloggers consider jeans with flip flops a faux pas. In Florida, there is no such rule. Flip flops with jeans is practically the state uniform.

The athleisure trend sweeping the nation is also prevalent in The Sunshine State. Running shorts, yoga pants, and tennis shoes come out for more than just a visit to the gym. Men and women sporting active outfits are not uncommon in the aisles of grocery stores and browsing shelves at the local library.

What to pack
For someone looking for an opportunity to pull out their fall and winter fashion statements, Florida may be a bit of a bully. Leather riding boots over skinny jeans will look cute in the mirror, but as soon as you step outside, you'll feel like you're slow-roasting your feet for dinner. Your hats and scarves will likely sit in your suitcase. Your gloves and earmuffs will be completely useless. Your cute sweater may make an appearance, if only for a few hours before you feel the need to change. Bring lots of jeans and flowy shirts, a single zip-up jacket and your favorite comfy shoes. You'll be all ready to enjoy your holidays in Florida without overheating.

Asia Dekle studied media arts at Brigham Young University and runs a professional writing business from her home in Sarasota, Florida. She enjoys exploring local beaches, museums and other points of interest so readers know what's fun and unique about her home town. She also loves to sing, dance, and read.