Ten Unique Wisconsin Roadside Attractions

During those long road trips, sometimes it's the odd and unique roadside attractions that make the journey all the more memorable. Wisconsin is no different, as the state boasts some unique and quirky stops along its many miles of roads.

1. House on the Rock (Spring Green, WI)
The House on the Rock has been drawing in visitors since 1959 with its unique collections and interesting architecture. One of the favorite attractions is the Infinity Room, a 218-foot hallway that juts out from the side of the house. Additionally, the house includes rooms such as the "Streets of Yesterday" and "Heritage of the Sea", not to mention the World's Largest Indoor Carousel with 239 different animals.

2. World's Largest Fish (Hayward, WI)
Located outside the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, the 45-foot tall muskie also holds the record for the World's Largest Fiberglass Sculpture. Visitors can go inside the fish to view the Shrine to Anglers and a memorial to Herman the Worm, who was once featured on The Tonight Show. At the end of the path is a stairway to the fish's mouth, where visitors get an overhead view of the entire complex and beyond.

3. Romeo, the Killer Elephant (Delavan, WI)
While Delavan celebrates its former title of the "Circus Capital of the World," the statue of Romeo the Elephant has a bit of a gruesome backstory. In a 15-year span, Romeo killed five people in his circus career, while also nearly destroying a Chicago theater. Fittingly, the statue of Romeo is reared up on his hind legs with an oblivious clown as his target.

4. Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant & Butik (Sister Bay, WI)
While this Swedish restaurant gets rave reviews from customers, what brings customers to this place are the goats that graze on the sod roof of the building. Though this may sound like a health hazard to some, the goats are actually beneficial, as they keep the grass on the sod roof trimmed down, which keeps the inside of the restaurant cool during the hot summer months.

5. Pinkie the Pink Elephant (DeForest, WI)
An icon within the small town for 50 years, Pinkie sits outside of a gas station just west of DeForest. Complete with glasses and a Shemp haircut, Pinkie is a perfect place for a photo opportunity or just to fill up the tank. Additionally, Pinkie souvenirs like bumper stickers and key chains are for sale inside the gas station.

6. Sissie the Cow (DeForest, WI)
Just down the road from Pinkie the Pink Elephant in DeForest is Sissie the Cow, a massive fiberglass Holstein cow. Built sometime in the 1960s, Sissie at one time talked to people that walked by. However, she has been silent for years after an unknown individual shot out the voicebox. While you're here, stop inside at Ehlenbach's Cheese Chalet for some fresh Wisconsin cheese.

7. Sputnik IV Crash Site (Manitowoc, WI)
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union's Sputnik IV served as the precursor to the first manned spaceflight a year later in Vostok 1. However, a glitch within the satellite resulted in the Soviet's losing control. Two years later, what was left of the spacecraft crashed in Manitowoc. Today, a small, charred piece of the craft sits in the Rahr-West Art Museum just feet from the crash site.

8. Bronze Fonz (Milwaukee, WI)
While Milwaukee is loaded with many attractions, one that is often overlooked is the "Bronze Fonz," a life-sized statue of Arthur Fonzarelli from the TV show Happy Days. The statue itself is situated along Milwaukee's River Walk and has received more and more visitors as its popularity increases.

9. Dickeyville Grotto (Dickeyville, WI)
One of several grottos in the Midwest, the Dickeyville Grotto is unique in its celebration of American patriotism alongside religion. Among the individuals highlighted in the shrine include George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

10. World's Largest Talking Loon (Mercer, WI)
Mercer, Wisconsin, is nicknamed the "Loon Capital of the World," so it is only fitting that the town is home to the World's Largest Talking Loon. The bird weighs 2,000 pounds and stands 16 feet tall, while the voicebox was replaced in 2015.

Michael Benson is a life-long Illinois resident and an avid traveler throughout the Midwest.