America's most insane waterpark pool is nicknamed "The Grave Pool"

It's in New Jersey and it's still operating!

"The Grave Pool" is the nickname bestowed upon the Tidal Wave Pool at New Jersey's Action Park, today the park is Mountain Creek Waterpark (Action Park). The pool is insane! 100 feet by 250 feet long, with a depth of 8 feet...oh and it could hold 500-1,000 people! They usually had between 12-20 lifeguards on duty.


The reason it got the name "The Grave Pool" was not because of how many people drowned in it (there were three fatalities in the '80s), but because of how many lives were saved by the vigilance of the lifeguards!

"Waves were generated for 20 minutes at a time with 10-minute intervals between them, and could reach as much as 40 inches (102 cm) in height. It was not always obvious that pool depth increased as one got closer to the far end, and there were patrons who only remembered or realized that they could not swim when they were in over their heads and the waves were going full blast. Even those who could swim well did not realize that the waves, as fresh water, were not as buoyant as their ocean counterparts, and they sometimes exhausted themselves doing more swimming than they were ready for, causing patrons to crowd the side ladders as the waves began, leading to many accidents. Twelve lifeguards were on duty at all times, and on high-traffic weekends they were known to rescue as many as 30 people, compared to the one or two the average lifeguard might make in a typical season at a pool or lake. Mountain Creek continues to operate this attraction as the "High Tide Wavepool" but made the pool much shallower." - Wikipedia

Today it's known as the High Tide Wavepool, and you can still enjoy a dip in it! Albeit a much safer dip than patrons visiting during the 1980s:

"While most lifeguards can expect to make two or three saves in a weekend, the lifeguards at Grave Pool would make around 30. Despite their best efforts, Grave Pool claimed the lives of three swimmers between 1982 and 1987. Eventually redesigned to be shallower and more manageable, it remains open today as the “High Tide Wavepool.” - Supercompressor

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