3 of the Worst Places to Visit in New York City

If you want an enjoyable New York City experience without next-day regrets, you have to know where to go. Or in this case, where not to go. Here's the low down on a few places to avoid when you visit New York City.

Yes, I just said "low down" and I'm not taking it back.

1. Clubs in the Meatpacking District.
Unless you are looking to party with models who are watching their figure via nose candy, arrogant bouncers, underage "hotties" and men who only use cash due to previous financial troubles (read: my last OKCupid date who claimed bankruptcy twice but still managed to party on), then these clubs may not be the best option for you. Go ahead and try it out if you don't believe me. At least you'll have a great time people watching. As long as your crew has a 4-1 girl to guy ratio, enough money to spend on $18-20 drinks and doesn't exceed one fat person and minority -- you're in!

2. Any pizza shop that sells a slice for more than $3.00 each.
Tried and true, you should not have to spend more than $3.00 for a good slice of cheese pizza. And even that is a lot (I'm more of a $1.75 girl, but some of y'all aren't ready to venture outside of Midtown yet). If you spend that much, you'll only end up with high expectations, a soggy slice that doesn't fold, and a pissed off palate.

3. The G Train when you need it most.
So you want to follow the "cool kids" and hang out in Brooklyn neighborhoods that are an awful hell to get to? Welcome to the G train, friends. Best time for the worst G train experience: on your drunken way home or when running late for a date or job interview. You can bet your $200 distressed t-shirt (the one with eight holes in it) that you'll get to your destination in double the time.

Did you get all that? I hope you took notes.
Good luck enjoying this beautiful disaster of a city.

Olivia Christine is a Travel Writer and native New Yorker from the South Bronx. No, she doesn't know J.Lo personally. Yes, she has her driver's license.